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Rody Horse

The timeless favorite, available in 13 fun colors, the Rody Horse will provide hours of fun for your little cowboys and cowgirls. Often used in therapy and for developing balance and coordination skills. For children 3-5 years old.

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For kids 6 to 12 years, check out the larger Rody Max.




Rody Horse

For those of us who were lucky enough to enjoy a Rody Horse as a child, we know the bouncy joy and excitement our loved ones will feel when trying out their own Rody. Now it's your child's turn to have a great time!

Therapists also employ Rody Horse to help develop balance and coordination. Staying on is more challenging than it looks. For children 6 to 12 years, choose the larger Rody Max. Rody Horse: Your new best friend.

PRICE $54.95
SHIPPING Flat rate ($4.95) to the continental USA (up to 80 products). Free shipping on orders over $60.00.
AGES Rody Horse is great for children 18 months to 6 years who like to bounce.
SIZE Height of the saddle is 12 inches when fully inflated. Can be inflated to a lower height to accommodate shorter riders. Max weight 150 lbs.
MATERIAL Made of heavy duty vinyl. Contains no latex or phthalates. Made in Italy.
SET UP Rody Horse inflates with a hand pump (now included free with every Rody), or with an optional foot pump or electric pump.
Why order from us?
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Rody Pony and Rody Max

Rody Pony
  • Rody Horse is for ages 18 months to 6 years.
  • Rody Horse comes in 13 colors,
  • Price $54.99
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Rody Max
  • Rody Max is for ages 6 years+
  • Rody Max comes in 3 colors
  • Price $149.99
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Benny the Bull vs. Rody Horse


Benny the Hopping Bull

  • Made by Waliki®. Pump Included.
  • Price $39.99. Benny is available in 7 awesome colors.
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Rody Horse

  • Made in Italy, Order from us to get a free pump.
  • Price $54.95. Rody Horse comes in 13 colors.
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" I got a Rody Horse for my little one when she was 2, she just loved it!... after two years it seems it's her favorite toy and also her best friend!... she doesn't only bounce on her rody horse, but dress it, play, talk to it and take care of it as if it was real... hehe "
-Cyntia Padilla

" This toy (rody horse) is truly a hit! I got one for a granddaughter on her 2nd birthday and it was the only toy her little friends would fight over when they came to visit....She loved it, and bounced all over the house with her rody horse Thank you Jumping Balls! "
-Teresa V. Washington

"...had just taken her first steps. The Rody Horse was a great tool for Kirsten to develop trunk strength .. this is the rody horse she got for her 2nd birthday... within just a few months she could hold on with easy and have a great time with it.. (and the rocking feature doubled the fun) "
-Barbarann G, from Washington

How to Inflate:

Rody Pony

Only we charge $4.95 for shipping on your entire order and include a free hand pump with every Rody Horse.

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Free shipping on 2+ Rody Horses, see here: Free Shipping Rody Horse.

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