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Fun Ideas

Want a beautiful picture of your child?

Doesn't every parent? Have your camera ready when you give the inflated Hoppity Hop Ball or Rody Pony to your child. You'll get a great picture of those little eyes lighting up.

Inflated Rody Horses with a red ribbon make an awesome gift.

Please email us the pictures so we can add them to the satisfied customers page.

No more time out!

Audrey Z. shared with us this idea:

"My son Lost bouncy-ball privileges (much more effective than a time out!)...The balls are only allowed on the 1st floor, and it's the only means of transport my son uses down here. He does not walk if there's a bouncy ball available. He's quite devastated when we take it away. Thankfully it's not that often."

Celebrating your child's birthday soon?

Give out a Hoppity Hop ball at the end of the party to every child or have a raffle.

Hoppity Hop Ball races and Polo riding Hoppity Hop Balls are also fun and get the kids to burn off energy fast!

Does your child get invited to more parties than you do?

You are not alone! That's why we offer party packages.

We can also ship your order to any address you'd like and send the receipt separately. Mix colors and sizes.

Out of state nephew or relative having a birthday soon?

We can ship it directly to their home, and send you the bill and receipt separately.

Check out this great gift wrapping idea from Sonya:

"When I give them as presents, I blow them up first. I can usually find a giant gift bag at the dollar store for it. Because it's fun for them (kids) to get BIG presents (it's always fun for my kids to give the largest present too!) and also they can use it right away. Which they always do at the party.

The last I always see of them are bouncing through bowling alleys, bouncing though chuck e cheese...just really believe in this toy. Just the greatest toy ever.

My 2-1/2 year old just took over the one that my daughter outgrew. He can actually do it! He only gets about an inch off the ground but he has a blast anyway."

Got dogs? Here is a great idea from Dina B.:

"Hello! I loved your website! It sounds like you really love what you do and your company must be a blast! You wanted an idea on how to use the Hoppity Hop Balls... well, here's what I intend to do: Each Memorial Day weekend, I have a party for my Dalmatian, Abbie.

We invited about 30 dogs this year, but bad weather kept alot of their owners home, so only about 18 pooches got in our brand of fun this past summer!

We set up an obstacle course and play the water relay game, where owners have their leashed dogs and must run with a champagne glass of water and empty into a plastic bowl, first one up to the marked line in the bowl is the winner..

This coming year, they'll be doing an old fashioned relay race (this is where you come in..) while on the jump ball and their leashed dog dragging them to the end of the yard ! First team in is the winner. Controled chaos is the key

Goofy enough for ya? Yes. You guessed it , I don't have HUMAN KIDS.. Just the furry spotted ones!

Dina B."

Therapy for special children:

Here is a short description of some of the things we do with Hoppity Hop balls:

We provide speech therapy services to children from very young (11 months) to 6th grade (or older sometimes). The majority of children we work with are significantly delayed in the areas of expressive language, attention, and regulation. Many of these children have additional diagnoses, such as autism or pervasive developmental disorder, cerebral palsy, or mental retardation. Therapy HAS TO be fun with our kids, or it will not be successful.

Within our therapy sessions, the Hoppity Hop balls or hippity hops are used in a variety of ways to meet many goals. These may include but are not limited to:

*Regulation through proprioceptive feedback *Joint attention between child and therapist/caregiver *Requesting skills: "More jump", "Jump high", etc... *Vocabulary development - opposites (go/stop, on/off, big/little, high/low), verbs, prepositions *Imitation skills

Hoppity Hop balls are an affordable and valuable tool for any speech therapist.

Amy and Amber

Worried about diabetes, obesity and the health of your child in general?

Don't get your children sedentary games like video or computer games or sit-down crafts all the time, get them a Hoppity Hop Ball instead!

Do you have another great idea or way to enjoy your Jumping Balls?

Share your idea with us via email and we'll be glad to post it in this page!